Frustrated with fuel costs,

watching your wheels slip along with your profits?

Concerned about older,

unreliable equipment?

Anxious about unpredictable breakdowns

that cause service disruptions?


 Consider TMV – We Exist To Make You Better!


TMV Control Systems was established in 2005 to design and manufacture the next generation of locomotive control systems.
TMV Control Systems designed and produces a Locomotive Control System called the TECU.TMV Control Systems - Traction and Engine Control Unit (TECU)
The TECU is a modern, up-to-date locomotive control system that features: Wheelslip Control; Cooling Fan, Engine, Air Compressor, and Generator Control; 32 bit processor with SD Card Memory and USB connection; Small Size (12H x 14W x 10D); and CAN databus to communicate with new engines.  Please see the TECU page for more information, and the Products page for information on TMV’s other products.


2100 HP – 3 engine locomotive


2000 HP – Single engine locomotive


New Orleans Streetcar


2000 HP – Single engine locomotive


800 HP – SW800 locomotive